Terms of Service for Vendors


Registering your interest to Become a Vendor on the Southwell Online Shop deems you having read and accepted these terms and conditions. If additions or amendments are made as the shop grows and evolves we will notify you of the change and request a written acceptance, If you do not agree to the change we will settle any outstanding amounts to yourself and allow deletion of your account and products.

We will review each vendor application on an individual basis, taking into consideration location, product type and quality of products. We will make all reasonable efforts to discuss the application with you before reaching a decision, however, we reserve the right to refuse any business applying to list with us.

Submitting the ‘Register to Become A Vendor’ form does not commit you to any contract. You are automatically registered as a user of the Southwell Online Shop and personal details will only be used in relation to the service we provide to customers and vendors of the Southwell Online Shop. If you are not accepted as a Vendor or choose to discontinue your listing, you may request that all personal information be deleted from our databases and software systems. All Payment information is processed via Stripe and Paypal. It is held securely and is encrypted.

Store Page and Product Listings

Advertising other selling platforms is not permitted via images or within descriptions on your store page or within descriptions linked to your products. Your personal store page section does allow for the listing of your online web and social media links.

Processing of Payments

Once authorised as a Vendor, you agree for The Southwell Online Shop to collect payments for your products and retain 10% of the total price charged. Please note: as each vendor determines their own postage and packaging costs, the 10% will be calculated on the full amount charged to the customer, unless an alternative commission arrangement has been agreed by us and yourself, in writing. All prices must be listed to include VAT. Please factor these aspects in when determining the listed price.

We agree to pay you the remaining 90% of the total charged to the customer at the time of ordering. These payments will be made on a weekly basis unless an alternative agreement is made in writing. 

You will receive an email notification when orders have been placed and agree to ship products directly to the buyer as per your shipping information or make contact with the buyer to discuss alternatives and inform of any delays.

Any queries prior to a buyer placing the order or after placing the order will be directed back to yourself for a response. You are solely responsible for meeting the expectations and all legal obligations associated with your product or service, the product description, shipping information, refund policy and all other correspondence entered into with the buyer. The Southwell Online Shop and all associated with it will not be held responsible for any losses, damages, complaints or actions made against you.

If complaints are made relating to the quality of your products, your customer service or delays in shipping, we will make all reasonable effort to discuss these with you and we will also review your listing on our site. In order to build trust with users/buyers of the Southwell Online Shop, we reserve the right to end the Vendor agreement at any time and remove your listing from the site without warning, we will make all reasonable effort to discuss the issues arising with yourself prior to reaching a decision.


These items will not be listed on the Southwell Online Shop

  • Adults only
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia

  • Embargoed goods and prohibited countries

  • Firearms, weapons and knives

  • Government, transit, postal items and official items policy

  • Hazardous, restricted, or regulated materials

  • Items encouraging illegal activity

  • Lock-picking devices

  • Mailing lists and personal information

  • Medicine and healthcare products policy

  • Offensive material

  • Police-related items

  • Prescription drugs

  • Prohibited services

  • Stolen property
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco

We reserve the right to refuse listing of these or other items at anytime and without warning. We will make all reasonable effort to contact you with an explanation following a product removal or refusal. We will not knowingly allow any illegal, prohibited or offensive items or services to be listed on our site and reserve the right to refuse listing and to terminate any vendor agreement without warning.