Do you avoid going into local town centres because you need to rest and are not sure if you will be able to?

In Southwell and the surrounding villages, we are extremely lucky. You are unlikely to be refused somewhere to regain your breath and recharge those batteries. However, not everyone is happy to ask especially if they have no intention of making a purchase and this is where the ‘Take A Seat’ intiative comes in. Below is some more information on how it has come to be in Southwell as well as across Nottingham-shire. On the map you will see the local businesses who have officially registered with the scheme.

The Southwell Live at Home have gotten everyone involved – they tell us more:

“Whilst chatting to members during activities we realised that one of the obstacles to visiting the local shops is needing to sit and rest regularly. Many members avoid visiting areas when they are not sure where appropriate seating will be situated. On exploring options we discovered the ‘Take A Seat’ Initiative led by the Nottinghamshire County Council group Age Friendly. 

Businesses are invited to officially declare that they are ‘Age Friendly’ and will happily offer a seat to anyone in need of it. You do not need to make a purchase or be a previous customer, you simply ask and you are guaranteed a warm response.

We’ve had a fantastic response from the Southwell area businesses, so do look out for this sticker in windows across town as well as the rest of Nottinghamshire. Details of all businesses involved can be found at Southwell area businesses who have registered for the initiative will feature on this Southwell Scoop page,  in future newsletters and on the Southwell Live at Home facebook page. “

We wanted to Thank everyone involved. This not only helps older people within the community, it raises awareness of the difficulties faced by others and helps to reduce loneliness and isolation by eliminating one of the obstacles to coming out.

CLICK ONTO THE MAP AND ZOOM IN AND OUT TO FIND ALL THE REGISTERED BUSINESSES. We will also be adding outside seats available so that you can plan your walking too.



TG's Hair Salon

Southwell Live at Home

Optique of Southwell

Tallents Solicitors

Alasdair Morrison Partners

Pinders Opticians

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