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Our range of Chilli and non-Chilli Sauces and Chutneys are now enjoyed across the East Midlands and further.

As a chilli farm we know how to use chillies to best advantage for taste and all of our sauces use our own grown chillies.

An award winner in 2016 at the Global Hot Sauce Awards for our Sa Va T'u O'ng - Lemon Grass and Chilli Relish - we have a wide range that encompasses everything from Tangy Braeburn Apple Chutney to Hot Chilli Sauces.

The keywords are both Flavour and Versatility as all of our products are made to be used both for cooking and to be used cold

All, bar one, of our products are VEGAN and most are GLUTEN FREE

As well as indivdual products you can also buy gift acks for friends or corporate

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