Some more quick ‘Plastic Free Southwell’ tips from a local resident, Janina,  who was appalled at the amount of waste in the world and plastic in the oceans. 5 easy Kitchen Swaps comes just in time for the Plastic Free Pantry Pop-Up shop, this weekend at The Henhouse in Southwell. Please do share your experiences and tips on becoming plastic free in the comments below or via our social media @SouthwellScoop #PlasticFreeSouthwell.

5 Easy Kitchen Swaps

1 – Cling film can go!


Use Bees wax wraps. A bit on the costly side but works better and has a long life span.

These wraps come in various sizes and are reportedly good to reuse with washing in cool soapy water for up to a year –

2 – Plastic water bottles can be replaced



With a metal bottle that can be cleaned far easier.

Camping Shops and most supermarkets now stock both adult and children’s options.

Also available here online

 3 – No more kitchen roll.

Why create the waste ? These often come wrapped in plastic and let’s face it, when available, you will always use more than is necessary. Use a microfiber cloth and a cleaning product. You may even want to reduce plastic further by making your own cleaning products.


4 – Bulk buy and store in new ways. 

Individual portions can produce a lot of waste and many plastic containers cannot be recycled through our refuse system – did you know that it is not possible to recycle black plastic at all! Tetra packaging also needs to be collected seperately to our household waste.

Bulk purchase shops, where you bring your own containers are appearing on line with the Plastic Free Pantry, based in Nottingham. Fab products all wrapped in strong paper or compostable foil. They even have pop up shops – the next one here in Southwell, Nottinghamshire on 25th and 26th August 2018. Bring your own storage containers and buy by weight. A 10% discount is offered to those who bring any litter picked from the surrounding area on the way to the store!

Suggestions for storage:


Glass storage or mason jars – available from the HandiCentre Southwell.

Old screw top or push down coffee jars, hot chocolate jars (yes plastic but now not just one use)

Old cotton pillow cases.

Organic net grocery bags available from The Hen House, Southwell.

Tupperware – ex chinese takeaway boxes –  you know you have some tucked away. Also available now in many shops are glass containers with press on lids – ideal as these can be put to good use throughout the kitchen.


5 – For all you coffee (or tea) drinkers – Take your own coffee cups on the go.

bamboo-reusable-cup-southwell-minster-shop-plastic-free-southwellThis has the added advantage of making sure your first cup on the go is exactly as you like it – straight from your kitchen.

Locally there are some super options …. 

Pretty Bamboo travel cups are available to buy from the Southwell Minster Cathedral Shop (pictured) – Burley’s and even Paper Kisses in Southwell.

Discounts can be found at:

Minster Refrectory offering 10 % off any hot drink if you bring in one of the Bamboo cups purchased at the Cathedral Shop.

Participating Coffee Shops for EcoCuppa based in Newark offer 50p off any hot drink when you bring in your own cup. So over time your new purchase has paid for itself.

Needing to buy online – visit –

When you begin, switching back to a plastic free household can seem overwhelming especially if you are working and have children to organise – Janina has approached it, literally one item at a time, do share your tips for making it easier below so that we can help spread the word to others in the area. If you would like to send in an article of your own please email . Thanks for inspirting others in making a big difference with small changes.