Today, or possibly tomorrow, I am guessing if you are a parent you are preparing for the joy of school runs to begin again. Perhaps, you have been labelling clothes or finding shoes and a uniform to fit a child who seems to have grown huge in the space of six weeks. I know that getting into the swing after Summer always takes a few weeks and will do even more so this year now I have 3 to get ready in the morning. So, the kids are sorted but WHAT ABOUT YOU?

  • Have you thought about how you are fitting in some, dare I say it, “me” time?
  • Have you thought about the resolutions you didn’t stick to in the New Year or have you blanked that out?
  • Have you discussed with your partner how you will fit exercise into your schedule?
  • Have you talked about how you will improve your eating now that holiday time is over (especially if you overindulged on the ice-creams!)?

These discussions are not easy to make time for but without any thought, no change will take place. As a parent I am usually looking for ways to make everything easier, quicker and less stressful so we used the 7 hour car journey back from Devon to talk through our fitness goals, our eating goals and how we can make life easier for ourselves.

Maybe, we won’t fit it all in or make all the changes but at least we have tried. I have said I will get up in the morning to exercise and I will do something everyday except on a Saturday as I want my family time. If it isn’t in your diary, the chances of you finding a reason NOT to do exercise are much more likely.

My husband has also planned out his running/biking schedule. I have booked into some events over the next six months.  I have said I will step away from the sweet stuff which started once I was back off holiday anyway and we will not have the TV on when I get in from work. If you are struggling with this, why not book in with me.

I can help you, but only if you want your health, strength and emotional wellbeing to be a priority. If it is now your time to have some “me” time then get in touch and I can help you make LIFELONG changes.

Bad News, there is no quick fix, no magic pill or potion that will change your body. First you have to change your mindset and then the changes in your body will follow.
The Good News – it is completely possible and within your reach, i hope to see you out there however, you choose to do it.

Jo Semmelroth

Jo Semmelroth

Personal Trainer

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