Victoria’s Hatbox is a local business based in Upton, a village just outside of Southwell, Nottinghamshire. One lady with a creative flair who has fallen in love with the skilled craft of Millinery, but what is all the fuss about, when did this craft begin?

Hats and different forms of head wear can be traced back to our primitive ancestors – using natural materials to shield our heads from the elements. Speed forward many years and using felt (one of the earlier forms of man made materials) we have seen early examples of felt caps found in Denmark, dating back to the Bronze Age around 1500 BCE.



Various forms of head wear became a symbol of rank and social standing, we see elaborate displays with Egyptian Pharaohs across to simpler examples that symbolised modesty, marital status and religious affiliation. In the 14th and 15th Centuries hats began emerging in western culture and became a must have for men.



The term ‘Milliner’ first referred to sellers of Women’s fashion items imported from Milan, in later centuries they began to become makers of straw bonnets and hats and over time materials diversified to silk, taffeta, leather felt even furs such as beaver. In the middle ages the church also encouraged the wearing of hats by ruling that the hair must be covered and by the 18th Century Milliners became stylists – creating hats not only to match outfits, costumes, occasions but also ensuring that every aspect of the design was taken into creative consideration – the trims, lace, decorative aspects.


Spring into 2018 and hats are whatever you wish them to be – they finish off an outfit and create an air of true celebration of significant events. They are practical and warming and now they are also FUN – raising awareness for charities like Brain Tumour Research during their #WearAHatDay events and reminding us that we all have the right to glamour, status and creative flair and this is what Victoria captures…..

” My interest in millinery began when my friends chose to have a hat-themed wedding. We attended a make a hat in a day course to make our hats and I fell in love with the craft. Since then, I have enjoyed learning from experienced milliners, learning traditional skills and methods and working with a range of materials. My hats are all handmade, unique pieces and can be made to order to match your outfit for any occasion.”


Victoria will be attending our #WearAHatDay event at the Full Moon Inn on 29th March 2018 at 6pm – bringing her tools along to demonstrate some of the skills involved in creating her unique pieces and answering questions if you indeed wish to treat yourself to a hat created with love and completely for you.

To Contact Victoria call her on 07903 575247
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Better still pop in and meet her during our event!

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