Brain Tumour Research – Where Does Your Money Go?

Brain Tumour Research – Where Does Your Money Go?

The Brain tumour research charity fund pioneering medical research into brain tumours at their Uk centres of excellence .

They know the only way to improve patient outcomes for today & tomorrow is to increase the amount of funding that is spent on funding… but where does the money go?

Here is a breakdown of a day in the life of a brain tumour research centre of excellence-

£25 – Could pay for a PhD Student to work in a lab

£50 – Could pay for a Senior Research Fellow to run a lab for an hour

£150 – Could pay for a research Nurse to collect brain tumour tissue from the hospital each day

£300 – Could pay for all of the solutions, pipettes and dishes needed by a centre each day to work on analysing the behaviour of brain tumour cells

£1,000 – could pay for a research paper to be published in a scientific journal providing another piece of the jigsaw to be shared throughout the scientific community

£2,740 – Sponsors a day of research, recognised by a unique tile on the wall of hope

If you would like to support this research please help us by donating to our Just giving page .

You can also keep up to date with our fundraising via the Southwell Scoop Blog or our facebook fundraising group Rik’s chicken feet fundraisers

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Working Towards a Cure for Brain Tumours

Working Towards a Cure for Brain Tumours

Brain tumours kill more children & adults under 40 than any other cancer!

More research is urgently needed… as just 1% of the national spend on cancer research has been allocated to this devastating disease.

Over 16,000 people are diagnosed with a brain tumour in the UK every year & there desperately needs to be more funding in place in order to accelerate the research. Unlike many other cancers, general cancer research does not always translate into viable brain tumour research. It is only through giving to charities funding laboratory-based research that all types of brain tumour – childhood & adult, low grade & high grade- will be cured.

The Brain tumour research charity support the UK’s largest network of laboratory-based research scientists at their centres of excellence. Their researchers are working hard to –

-Repurpose Drugs

-Impede tumour growth

– Discover new drugs

-Halt tumours spreading

-Stop tumours coming back

They need £1 MILLION A YEAR to recruit & keep their researchers working at each one of the centres ; that’s £2,740 per day, per centre.

They are striving to fund a network of seven research centers in the UK, whilst challenging the government & larger cancer charities to invest more in brain tumour research.

Their vision is to find a cure for brain tumours. To build a network of experts in sustainable brain tumour research.

If you would like to support this research please help by donating to our Just giving page .

You can also keep up to date with our fundraising via the Southwell Scoop Blog or our facebook fundraising group Rik’s chicken feet fundraisers

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British Designer Hats of the Highest Quality Available to Hire

British Designer Hats of the Highest Quality Available to Hire

In these times of recycling and saving the planet what could be more “green” than hiring a hat for that special occasion.  We are delighted to have Caroline of situated in Oxton, Nottinghamshire supporting our #WearAHatDay fundraising event in aid of Brain Tumour Research. Come and meet her on Thursday 29th March, 6pm onwards at The Full Moon in Morton. If you can’t make it then have a read below of the service Caroline provides.

‘You will not have to spend hundreds of pounds on a top designer hat which, having had its moment of glory will languish unloved and forgotten on top of the wardrobe- or worse – under the bed,  whilst you contemplate that holiday you might have had – had it not been for that HAT!


Come to HATS and you can enjoy a free consultation (no obligation), the opportunity to don your outfit (not possible in the high street shops) and to try on various beautiful hats until you are satisfied that you have exactly the right one to be your crowning glory. And you can see that you look fabulous!


Caroline has been hiring out beautiful hats for just over 10 years. She is passionate about women looking their best and feeling confident, particularly the mother of the Bride or Groom.  Although weddings are the most popular event, she also hires hats out for Buckingham Palace Garden Parties, Investitures, and Ladies Day at the Races. She says that finding just the right hat for an outfit is rather like completing a beautiful picture.

Caroline is also passionate about only buying from British designers because she believes we have the best milliners in the world.

So for your next important event please contact Caroline.  Your consultation will be relaxed, in beautiful surroundings where you will have all the time you need to make your choice of headwear.  Caroline is also happy to advise on, make up, hair and accessories (jewellery and handbags available for hire).



Contact HATS on 0115 9652356 or

visit the website

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Who is ‘Rik’?

Who is ‘Rik’?

I want to thank everybody who has up to now kindly donated to our 2018 charity fundraising event for Brain tumour research charity

However, the other night i thought, its hard for people to donate towards something they a) might not have any knowledge about and b) know nothing about the person they are donating in memory of. So I decided to write this blog and tell you ‘Who Rik Is’.

Rik was 49, a larger than life character to say the least… i can honestly say once you met him… you’d never forget him! He was a joker, he never took life too seriously… I’d go as far to say that anyone that ever met him would have at least one story to tell!

He was my big brother, the middle child, me being the youngest and my sister being the eldest.

He had a crazy sense of humour…

Rik when he was out wedding shopping with his daughter!

To give you an idea of his humour…here are a few snaphots from his facebook page…

He wore weird things… with pride!!!

He was a keen cyclist

He was a great pool player and was part of the Polish Club pool team.

These photos were taken on his 50th birthday exactly 1 month before he passed away…

He loved his greek holidays

He had no fear trying the most outrageous of foods…

His favourite food was greek food & favourite place to eat was Yamas meze & tapas in nottingham

But in the end, it was the chicken feet that became his favourite delicacy, due to his findings that showed their immense nutritional value…

He had this laugh… that bloomin infectious laugh… well, that carries on with his son now having the same infectious laugh!

And talk, by goodness, he could talk! But in the months following his prognosis, i loved listening to him tell us his latest findings about cancer, the newest revelations and the latest conspiracy theories around this dreadful disease. And guess what… your daughter has the same trait, oh yes, she can talk!

He was clever…VERY intelligent and guess what… a great trait he passed on to his two ‘ little creatures’ as he used to call them.

But wait just there… he wasnt an angel sent down from up above! At times, he was a bloomin pain in the arse aswell! (But arent we all!??!)

He could put his hand to anything, plumbing, building, joinery, he was an electrician by trade, but worked as a security engineer in the latter years.

He had always suffered with headaches… took after my mum who suffered for years with migraines. But he had been getting more & more severe headaches.

He went to the Dr who told him he had a migraine. But shortly after… another headache… but this headache was bad, infact it was so bad, that he took himself off to the A & E department at the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham. It was here that scans showed that he had lung cancer and secondary brain tumours.

It was devastating… but he was strong… he was going to fight it all the way. But then another blow… his prognosis…. they gave him 3 months to live.

The devastation him & his girlfiend must have felt when they heard those words are inconceivable. The devastation tore through our family… our immediate family… our extended family & all our friends. Devastation… the ugly dirty fear that engulfs you and everyone concerned. No one could believe it, as people always say, it really was (and still is) surreal.

Rik listened, his response was simple… he WAS going to beat this dirty disease!

From then on… NEVER did any ‘what if’s’ leave his mouth… only the ‘I will’s’!

He WAS going to beat it & that was that!

He changed his whole lifestyle… the thing is, those that knew Rik, know that any research that he undertook, and i mean for anything, could take weeks or months. A simple task of buying a sofa or a hoover, could take many many weeks or months of research. (I guess its a trait we learnt from our dad… as im the same!)

I cant even put into words the research he undertook into this deadly disease. He would be up most nights on his computer trying to find answers, trying to find cures. He uncovered a lot infact, things which i have since took on board to try and keep my family as healthy as possible. His positivity was astounding. What he didnt know about cancer… wasnt worth knowing about.

Having two young children aged just 9 at the time, him & his girlfiriend decided to tie the knot.

He was doing so well, he managed to come off the morphine totally at one point and reduce his steroids right down to a minimum. His findings & change of lifestyle seemed to be working.

The special day came on Boxing Day 2016… well, what can I say…

Rik & his beautiful bride Zoe & his 2 perfect children…

Rik & Mum…

Rik, Zoe & Dad…

He was almost 2 months into his 3 month prognosis when he got married & doesnt he look well!

The 6th of february was looming fast, this date had even more of an impact on Riks determination. This was the 3 month marker from the day of prognosis & he made it!

I honestly cant explain to you his determination and his immense positivity that he would beat this disease!

Things were going well but slowly each month he would end up in hospital having had funny turns. His scans however showed the tumours were the same, they hadnt improved but hadnt got any worse… his research & lifestyle change seemed to be working and keeping it at bay!

He told me once he would be happy and could cope if the tumours just stayed the same and didnt get any bigger.

The next milestome was Riks 50th birthday – May 28th- that was almost 7 months from the date of his prognosis.

We organised a party… it was great…all of Riks family & friends came. By now the high dose of steroids that he was having to take unfortunately caused a lot of swelling/ water retention as a side effect. It was a struggle to get his clothes on… i remember it well… a crisp black shirt, jeans & his fancy brown boots. His legs were so swollen, we told him to put some flip flops on or something more comfortable, but as proud as he was… he WAS getting those boots on for the evening!!!

One of my favourite photographs – my sister, Rik & me

The pool team at Riks 50th…

Family & friends…

Rik & his best friend…

Notice something in all the photos? That’s the laugh i was talking about earlier. It wasnt just for the photos you know, he had a grin on his face all night, even though he was in pain, he enjoyed every minute!

That was the 28th May…

Exactly one month after his 50th, he passed away. The 28th of June, my sisters birthday to be exact. Its difficult now for her to celebrate her own birthday on the day she lost her one and only brother.

He’d had a funny turn again, he collapsed, it was a blood clot in his lung that caused it this time, but this time it felt different. I just felt that he might not be leaving the hospital again, unfortunately i was right.

It was tuesday his health had rapidly deteriorated through the night before and he was struggling to breathe. In the early hours of Tuesday morning his consultant said had told us there was nothing more they could do for him. He was dying. Because he got to know Rik & his determination, he said it could be a slow process due to his sheer fight.

All his close friends and family came to visit him on that day, he was surrounded by love all day. Struggling to breathe, he was non- responsive all day, that is until his two ‘little creatures’ went to see him. As they sat on the bed with him, with a struggle he raised his arm towards them…

Sadly in the evening he took his last breath. His wife, good friend, me & my husband were all there with him. I will NEVER forget that night as long as i live…

In the end, i guess it wasnt the brain tumour that actually killed him, it was the blood clot, but the high dose of steroids he was on to reduce the inflamation in the brain and all the side effects were weakening him day by day. It might of just been a matter of time till the cancer in the brain terminated his life.

I am and always will be truly inspired by how he handled those last few months of his life. A lot of people would have felt down, depressed and possibly given up with the prognosis that he received, but not Rik!

His research, all the new knowledge he learnt about cancer has been so many peoples gain but we need to know MORE.

Rik spent so much time & energy in the last months of his life trawling the internet for facts, statistics, new research, latest treatments, cures etc for cancer. Rik was good at most things, but really, cancer wasnt his thing. It wasn’t his speciality and time was definitely against him. This is why I’m raising money in support of the Brain tumour research charity

More research into this deadly disease is urgently needed.

Did you know brain tumours kill more children & adults under the age of 40 THAN ANY OTHER CANCER!

However, just 1% of the national spend on cancer research has been allocated to this devastating disease!

This is where their knowledge lies, this is their speciality… we can help save lives with your help.

Please support us by donating towards our fundraiser, however little you think it might be… it all adds up!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Rik… I know we did for 50 years.

We miss you so much Rik

Alicia ❤️❤️❤️

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Who Needs A Hat When You Have The Ultimate Choice In Jewellery

Who Needs A Hat When You Have The Ultimate Choice In Jewellery

Hats may or may not be your thing, well there is more than one way to put the finishing touches on your gorgeous head, the right bit of jewellery is guaranteed to give that glamorous confident feeling whatever the occassion. We have the perfect person for you attending our #WearAHatDay event on Thursday 29th March…..

Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot, Angela Parker, will be bringing along her pop-up boutique of affordable luxury jewellery & accessories.  Designed in New York, featured in Vogue & adored by the fashion press, Stella & Dot is worn by many celebrities yet half of their fabulous range is under £40!


Uniquely versatile patented designs allow a third of the collection to be worn more than one way – so you can easily switch your look with the same piece taking you from the office to cocktails, or wearing just one item in various different necklace styles, as a bracelet or in your hair!

You are welcome to try on the jewellery with Angela on hand to demonstrate how to style the various pieces.  There is something for everyone at Stella & Dot – from delicate simple everyday items and studs, to show-stopping chandelier earrings and elaborate statement necklaces.  In addition to a large collection of classic styles for your staple jewellery wardrobe, you can also get your fashion fix of the latest catwalk looks with monthly ‘style drops’ of select on-trend designs.  The full range also includes accessories such as bags, purses, scarves, sunglasses and even tops for a complete look!

To enjoy Angela’s pop-up boutique in your own home and an evening of styling fun, you can get the girls together for your own private shopping experience and enjoy fantastic hostess perks of free jewellery and 40% discounts! She also offers free 1-2-1 personal styling/shopping and takes her pop-up boutique to a variety of events, workplaces and charity fundraisers.

Angela said:  “I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone at the Wear a Hat Day event and providing some fashion fun.  I personally know a number of people who have had family and friends affected by brain tumours so am very pleased to be supporting such an important and worthwhile cause.”


In addition to running her own Stella & Dot business, Angela also uses her three years of experience with the brand to support and advise other women considering the Stylist opportunity as a flexible way of earning additional income – while building themselves a huge collection of free and half-price jewellery/accessories!



If you would like to contact Angela in advance of our event

Visit her website

or message her via facebook page – Stella Dot Angela Parker

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At 15 years Natalie was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour…..

At 15 years Natalie was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour…..

Since we began organising our Wear A Hat Day event, we are amazed by how many people know of somebody who has had a brain tumour and yet it is astounding that the research allocation for this cancer is only 1%, so concerned is the public and even MPs that there is currently an  All-Party Parliamentary Group on Brain Tumours (APPGBT) gathering evidence and working to get this changed. Research is the crucial first step in developing treatments and ultimately cures, without this work Natalie of BluMandala would not be attending our event and providing you with Indian delights and a touch of relaxation. On hearing that we were supporting Brain Tumour Research, Natalie immediately contacted us and offered to help and here is why……

” I was 15 when I was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour, they had to operate straight away due to the tumour causing Hydrocephalus (build up of fluid on the brain). The operation was an insertion of a shunt which would release the fluid into my belly.

I went through several operations mainly ones that would take a biopsy of the tumour but they kept failing due to my tumour bleeding at some point and all they kept getting was blood. My surgeon Mr Sparrow decided that he was going to do a new procedure on me where he would remove the shunt and create a third ventricle bypass through the front of my head just above the hairline so that it would not be visible! This was created to allow the fluid to drain naturally.

I had many MRI’s and CT scans to see were the tumour was and how they were going to proceed they decided that they were not going to attempt to remove it as Mr Sparrow thought it was too deep and to risky.

So I was booked in for Radiotherapy and I went through all the necessary procedures for this, but at the last minute Mr Sparrow decided that he was going to operate!

During the operation he managed to remove one of the tumours and take the majority of the other one! We didn’t know there were 2 lying next to each other until he did the final operation. During this traumatic time my mother never left my side she stayed with me every night. I am also really grateful to the many friends that would visit me along with my older brother and my dad who unfortunately had to carry on working abroad.

This was 21 years ago! And I have no problems really apart from getting tired and having a lazy eye occasionally this is brought on by tiredness or if I have too much to drink, but I can certainly live with that! ”

Thanks to Natalie for sharing her experience with us – It really does highlight the importance of keeping the momentum going. 21 years ago it was a new procedure that helped Natalie, yet Brain Tumours are still the biggest cancer killer for those under 40 years old – establishing why, how and what is an ongoing process and needs to be addressed.
To find out more about the event itself please visit our #WearAHatDay page – better still come along and see us.



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