The Brain tumour research charity fund pioneering medical research into brain tumours at their Uk centres of excellence .

They know the only way to improve patient outcomes for today & tomorrow is to increase the amount of funding that is spent on funding… but where does the money go?

Here is a breakdown of a day in the life of a brain tumour research centre of excellence-

£25 – Could pay for a PhD Student to work in a lab

£50 – Could pay for a Senior Research Fellow to run a lab for an hour

£150 – Could pay for a research Nurse to collect brain tumour tissue from the hospital each day

£300 – Could pay for all of the solutions, pipettes and dishes needed by a centre each day to work on analysing the behaviour of brain tumour cells

£1,000 – could pay for a research paper to be published in a scientific journal providing another piece of the jigsaw to be shared throughout the scientific community

£2,740 – Sponsors a day of research, recognised by a unique tile on the wall of hope

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