Brain Tumours are more common than many realise.

To help highlight the need for more funding to be allocated towards research
we are wanting to raise awareness of the age at which people are
diagnosed with a Brain Tumour.

Below are individuals we have encountered during our fundraising who have needed or are currently undergoing treatment.


Rik - diagnosed at 49 yrs - died 8 months later

Rik – Diagnosed aged 49.

Poppy diagnosed at 6 yrs - still undergoing treatment

Poppy – Diagnosed aged 4.

Natalie – Diagnosed aged 15.

Igor Ashwell - Diagnosed at 48 yrs.

Igor Ashwell – Diagnosed aged 48.

Life saving treatment can only be possible with much more continuous research.

Fundraising is our way of showing love and support to the individuals & families whom we have encountered, affected by this disease.


Thank you for supporting Brain Tumour Research and making a difference.

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