Spectrum Savvy is a locally based business run by Nicola Beldham, which offers bespoke training, consultancy and tuition to enhance inclusion and advance achievement of autistic people in a wide range of settings.

The philosophy is so much more than autism awareness, Nicola Beldham has been committed to inclusion for autistic people since 1994 and she does this now by offering services which supports every aspect of a person’s life. Learning, Life, Work, Education and Employment.

Her workshops are created to educate, guide and build confidence in everyone from individual autistic children through to government officials and CEO’s who are shaping the culture within our workplaces and society.

Spectrum Savvy is helping communities as well as individuals acknowledge, understand and completely embrace the differences within us all, ensuring that everyone and every environment thrives. If you have questions about autism then be sure to make Nicola Beldham your first contact.


Bilsthorpe Area

Visit SpectrumSavvy.co.uk

07581 503771

Spectrum Savvy Map

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