Most people are now aware of the devastating effect plastics are having on our planet, in particular our marine life. Changing the packaging and providing alternatives within our consumer goods is not likely to happen over night but if each of us make a small change to reduce our plastic use the message to the suppliers and manufacturers will be loud and clear.

So to make it a little easier for you to swap your plastics here in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, a local resident Janina Harding shares 5 ways she has been making a difference and doing just that. Follow suit and you are not only helping the environment, you will also experience the superb customer service of some of our local independent businesses.



The Butchers

Take your own Tupperware and they can weigh it straight in – F. Doncasters Butchers, are very helpful!


The Bakery

Bread can go straight into a linen bag and be transferred into long life bread bags (Lakeland), Birds Bakery are very used to this!


The Market

It’s easy to pick up fruit and veg without the packaging at Southwell Market. If you tell the person serving you that you wish to avoid plastic they do their best to tip things into your own bag. They will be only too pleased.


TOP TIP : For smaller items bags are just coming to the market ( that will help but if you want a very light one that can be weighed with the mushrooms etc. a white net bag designed for your small wash items is sold in the Handi-Centre. Light and washable.


The Dry cleaners

Take your own suit cover to collect your items. Southwell Dry Cleaners provide excellent customer service.

Do let us know in the comments below if you have suggestions for suppliers of high quality eco friendly garment covers.



The Pet Shop

Wayne at The Pet Store, Southwell will weigh any loose items like dog biscuits or bird seed into your own containers.


We said 5 but here is a bonus plastic free local shopping tip we are sure you will love….



Just off the road to Oxton or Halam you will find The Real Milk Company – fresh organic milk is available daily from a special vending machine. Bring your own bottle (preferably glass – they do have some for sale) and simply fill it up.

Image taken from – follow link for a more detailed write up


Find the local business mentioned in the map below. … And do tell us about your plastic swap successes in the comments or on social media @SouthwellScoop #LocalandSocial

F. Doncaster Butchers

Birds Bakery

The Pet Store

Southwell Dry Cleaners and Laundrette

Southwell Market

The Real Milk Company

The HandiCentre Southwell