Often lifelong passions begin in childhood and our newest addition to the Featured photographers section is a fine example of where this can lead. Sue Hartley has now gained experience in many aspects of photography including judging and being a committed member of local photographic societies as well as working commericially.

Sue’s interest is in the process of creating the photographs and is very keen to contribute to our growing media database, approaching the area with a purpose and using her talents to really highlight the community spirit that makes the Southwell area so special.

Hear from her below and do connect with her on Social Media.

“I took my first photograph aged around 5yrs old, having been allowed to have a go with my Dad’s camera – it was of my grandad and I still have it. I had my own first camera at the age of 10yrs after pestering for one for Christmas (not very well thought through as, on my pocket money, I couldn’t afford film or developing costs…) and have been hooked ever since. I finally, around 30yrs ago, was in a position to enrol at Doncaster College to take City & Guilds in Photography, where I gained distinctions in each of the seven modules. I also joined a camera club to keep up with current trends and to continue receiving constructive criticism from peers. Having moved to Nottinghamshire in 2002, I am currently a member of Nottingham and Notts. Photographic Society. Last year I successfully submitted a panel of work to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain for accreditation, gaining my CPAGB.

After attending a seminar on judging I was persuaded to add my name to the list of the North & East Midlands Photographic Federation’s judges and now also travel around the East Midlands judging photographic competitions at clubs in the area, which I thoroughly enjoy.

Photography has always been my passion rather than my job; I still do wedding and portrait work (including new-born) commercially, although I do limit the number of bookings per year so that I have time to complete personal projects. As it’s the process of taking photographs that I love I’m happy behind a camera whatever the subject and have a wide portfolio of landscape, cityscape, wildlife, macro, street, music gigs, and non-commissioned portrait photographs. I also enjoy post-processing and my current project is to extend my Photoshop skills to include more composite images and creative work in my collection.

Photographs are meant to be seen and not just to languish on hard drives so, when I saw that the Southwell Scoop were looking for contributors to its media data base, it seemed like a good opportunity to put my work in front of local people. It’s also a motivation to go out locally and look at the area with a different eye – shooting with a purpose rather than just meandering does concentrate the mind, and I plan to do this rather than relying too much on my back catalogue.

Whilst I would obviously be happy to chat to anyone wanting to book a wedding or portrait photographer I would also be willing to consider collaborations with fellow creatives, or to discuss photography requirements that local charities or community event organisers may have. I have previously volunteered my services to our local air ambulance and at craft days organised by Southwell Baptist Church, as well as at the Southwell Fun Day. Having invested heavily in professional equipment and in learning photography skills it’s good to be able to use these to benefit good causes from time to time. (I do come DBS checked, in case you’re wondering).

I’ll look forward to hearing from and maybe meeting with some of you, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.”

Sue Hartley CPAGB

Sue Hartley CPAGB

Semi-Professional Photographer

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