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Marketing your business has never been easier, yet with so many choices, how and where to start can be overwhelming and we know it takes time. Our Business package guarantees you regular exposure to a growing audience.


Sign up now to receive the business package, only £20 per month during 2018, with no fixed contract. Key benefits are outlined below:

Why Work With Us ?

Creating a presence online is about Content – Collaboration – Consistency.

By generating regular content that is useful to your customers and working with all members of the community your business and this area remain at the forefront of people’s minds.

Our Membership helps you to gain exposure and connect without any extra work.

We Connect you to Locals by….

Engaging directly with locals online via Facebook / Twitter / Instagram – the followers are growing daily with continual interaction.

Posting up their reviews and requests for recommendations, we also respond with business members details.

Helping to spread the word about Special Offers & Events, encouraging residents to support local.

Creating Blog-Video content that is useful to them and helping them get to know you and your expertise.

Engaging directly with locals face to face – via the attendance of social events and meetings, through to general day-to-day living in the area. This leads to more relevant content creation, referrals and identifying of opportunities.

Encouraging conversation, discussion and exploration of solutions to issues raised on our platforms.


We are Attracting Visitors by…..

Increasing the chances of Southwell businesses being found in online searches.

Providing a space to receive information & signposting from wherever they may be – when they need it.

Working with Regional Tourist Organisations to encourage & attract more visitors to the town.

Increasing exposure of the area via Regional Media as well as our online tools to a national / global audience.


We are Supporting Business by….

Engaging with key business clubs and networking groups locally and nationally.

Encouraging collaborative work between groups and individuals to gain publicity and reach target audiences

Sharing useful information to help businesses sustain or grow.

Providing repeated exposure via facebook, twitter and our website – encouraging direct engagement with our followers.

 Please choose a payment option below:

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£20 Per Month - No Contract


Two new customers this week who found me through the @SouthwellScoop. Thanks again.           


    Louise – Southwell Pet Sitters.


I just wanted to let you know the missing scooter has been reunited with the boy. A big Thank you to the Southwell Scoop. A Triumphant example of the community working together.

I will certainly make sure all my FB Southwell connections have feed from the SS.

Resident – Southwell.



Thank you SS for such wonderful support. We will not survive if we do not have the community behind us.

Reach Learning Disability


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