A Fresh Curiosity from Amateur Photographer – Alison Shaw

A Fresh Curiosity from Amateur Photographer – Alison Shaw

At the Southwell Scoop we are all about discovering the area and sharing the hidden gems far and wide. There is no better way to do this than with imagery, especially if taken by everyday people whilst they explore Southwell town and the surrounding villages themselves.

So, we are thrilled to introduce to you Alison Shaw, an amateur photographer who will be contributing to the Southwell Scoop on a regular basis. Alison, is a new comer by ‘village standards’ which is ideal, as everything she sees is with the curiosity and wonder of a visitor, appreciating the finer details and also the hidden wildlife in the Southwell area.

“I am a Black Country girl, born and bred but moved to Southwell in September 2017 to be closer to my sister, who lives in the village of Upton.

I fell in love with Southwell the first time I visited in 2016 and after much discussions with my son Matt, we decided to pack up our jobs (I was formerly a Phlebotomist with Dudley NHS) and start afresh in Southwell.

We found our beautiful cottage on Easthorpe Road and have settled in great. We both love the vibe and friendliness of this small town with a big personality. I am looking forward to starting work as a lunchtime supervisor at the Lowes Wong School on 18 December.

I have always had a keen interest in photography, but didn’t really take it up more seriously until June 2014 when my son bought me a camera for my birthday. Since then, with the encouragement of some good friends I have become a keen amateur and love nothing more than in my spare time, going for a walk and taking photos.

My favourite photographic subjects are my cats and nature. I have taken some wedding photos, but that’s not really what I am interested in. I love to take natural pictures of wildlife and buildings and scenery.

I like to walk around Southwell Minster and take pictures- it is such an amazing subject and I have also been lucky enough to capture pictures of a squirrel and birds in the grounds too. As I am new to the area I am sure there are many more interesting places I can photograph and look forward to doing so.

Alison Shaw

Alison Shaw

Amateur Photographer

Providing a collection of images to assist in promoting the Southwell and Surrounding areas to reach a wider audience online.

Look out for Alison’s photographs on our social media @SouthwellScoop
and here on the website – Alison Shaw Gallery

If you would like to purchase any images please email us on info@the-scoop.co.uk.

All images are protected by copyright – belonging to Alison Shaw.

Pregnant and Prepared it’s not just about the hospital bag

Pregnant and Prepared it’s not just about the hospital bag

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I was elated. It hadn’t been an easy journey getting there, but there it was – the blue line on the stick – oh, and the nausea… but I was (we were) over the moon.  I hadn’t done much reading around pregnancy or childbirth, but assumed that as long as I was where I needed to be (the hospital, in my mind) surrounded by midwives, doctors and drugs on the day of my child’s birth, everything would be ok and there wasn’t much else I could do to prepare for the big day. Yes, I signed up for an antenatal class – but I think that was more to meet friends than actually learn anything.

Fast forward a few months and my son arrived safely (in a hospital) but I was left feeling quite affected by the whole experience for some time. I was lucky and the birth wasn’t particularly traumatic, but I had felt completely out of control of both the situation and my own body.

Several years on, following 2 miscarriages and a lot of sickness, we happily announced that we were expecting our 2nd child – a daughter. After a lot of heartache and pain, I had started yoga to try to prepare my body as best I could for a successful pregnancy. Once I fell pregnant I was keen to continue with the yoga classes and found a local antenatal yoga class run by a midwife. The classes were a perfect way to escape, once a week, from my busy everyday life and soon became a regular part of my routine. I attended the classes from around 16 weeks of pregnancy (once the sickness had subsided!) until 39 weeks. When I went into labour the following week, my body seemed to instinctively know what it needed to do. I knew which positions felt comfortable, and when offered a bed to lie in, I politely but firmly refused. I took some towels out of my bag and quietly went back to the comfortable (upright) position I had been in at home, on the floor. Looking back I may have looked quite odd, going to ground as soon as I got in the room, but I was in my labour bubble and I knew where I needed to be. This time around I had the confidence to go with my body and what it was telling me. My daughter arrived not long after we arrived (much to the midwife’s surprise), in a (relatively!) peaceful, calm and controlled environment. I felt completely in tune with my body and what it was doing and was positively buzzing afterwards. My daughter was so content that she latched on and was feeding within 15 minutes of birth.

At the time I didn’t know about the Daisy Foundation, nor did I know all the reasons why what I did 2nd time around would help me. Knowing all I know now about active birth (and why lying on your back isn’t likely to help you), why breathing is so important (and vitally how to breathe at different stages of labour), what your body is doing in labour (and how to help keep things moving along) … I want to tell the world! Every woman should have access to this information so that they too can have every chance at the birth that they want and deserve.

Daisy Birthing classes are so difficult to explain until you’ve been to one. Yes, they include yoga-based movements, all specifically designed to help with common pregnancy problems – indigestion, puffy fingers, swollen ankles – and help your body prepare for its birthing day, but they include so much more than that. The antenatal education that we share with Mums-to-be is delivered in small bite-sized chunks – just 15 minutes a week, but every week I see the penny drop and women saying ‘why don’t all women get told this stuff? It just makes so much sense’. YES! And yet there is more, the classes finish with a beautiful relaxation segment. Time-out for ladies to relax, connect with their babies and prepare their minds for their forthcoming birthing day. And the classes are as much about preparing the mind as preparing the body, which is absolutely right. How you think or feel about something and your thoughts can have a very powerful effect on your body.

If you are expecting a baby and would like to prepare for your birthing day, please get in touch. Classes are just as suitable for 2nd or 3rd time Mums as they are for your 1st baby.

Daisy Birthing classes run in 6 week terms at Trebeck Hall, Southwell on Wednesdays 7:30-9pm.  The classes are suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy,  are for ladies only and can be adapted for all. No prior yoga experience is necessary. Daisy is supportive of all birth choices.

Katy Mogg

Katy Mogg

Daisy Perinatal Educator

6 week term of Daisy Birthing antenatal yoga-based classes starts at
Trebeck Hall, Southwell: on Wednesday 13th December 7:30-9pm

Newfield Dairy Ice Cream Parlour: Tuesday 9th January 2018 at
Tinies at 11:15am is for babies aged 6 weeks-4 months, Wrigglers at 10am is for babies aged 4-11 months.

1 or 2 day Daisy Parent antenatal workshops for Mum-to-be & Birthing
Partner takes place at Hoveringham Village Hall: on 14/28 January and
11/18th March 2018.

For information call Katy Mogg
07900 375619

Now the holidays are over -How do I make time for me?

Now the holidays are over -How do I make time for me?

Today, or possibly tomorrow, I am guessing if you are a parent you are preparing for the joy of school runs to begin again. Perhaps, you have been labelling clothes or finding shoes and a uniform to fit a child who seems to have grown huge in the space of six weeks. I know that getting into the swing after Summer always takes a few weeks and will do even more so this year now I have 3 to get ready in the morning. So, the kids are sorted but WHAT ABOUT YOU?

  • Have you thought about how you are fitting in some, dare I say it, “me” time?
  • Have you thought about the resolutions you didn’t stick to in the New Year or have you blanked that out?
  • Have you discussed with your partner how you will fit exercise into your schedule?
  • Have you talked about how you will improve your eating now that holiday time is over (especially if you overindulged on the ice-creams!)?

These discussions are not easy to make time for but without any thought, no change will take place. As a parent I am usually looking for ways to make everything easier, quicker and less stressful so we used the 7 hour car journey back from Devon to talk through our fitness goals, our eating goals and how we can make life easier for ourselves.

Maybe, we won’t fit it all in or make all the changes but at least we have tried. I have said I will get up in the morning to exercise and I will do something everyday except on a Saturday as I want my family time. If it isn’t in your diary, the chances of you finding a reason NOT to do exercise are much more likely.

My husband has also planned out his running/biking schedule. I have booked into some events over the next six months.  I have said I will step away from the sweet stuff which started once I was back off holiday anyway and we will not have the TV on when I get in from work. If you are struggling with this, why not book in with me.

I can help you, but only if you want your health, strength and emotional wellbeing to be a priority. If it is now your time to have some “me” time then get in touch and I can help you make LIFELONG changes.

Bad News, there is no quick fix, no magic pill or potion that will change your body. First you have to change your mindset and then the changes in your body will follow.
The Good News – it is completely possible and within your reach, i hope to see you out there however, you choose to do it.

Jo Semmelroth

Jo Semmelroth

Personal Trainer

For more details about me and what I do check out

or call me on 07967 208230.

Current sessions include personal training, clubbercise fitness classes and ‘Bring the children’ Mum fitness classes.

Meet DJ Pasquale – playing Ibiza, Croatia and now Norwood Park’s NORBIZA

Meet DJ Pasquale – playing Ibiza, Croatia and now Norwood Park’s NORBIZA

Ibiza comes to Southwell again this year, for one night only.

Having launched last year with dance scene legend, Andy Cato, NORBIZA 2017 is back, this time bringing 3 DJs who have played the clubs in Ibiza, across Europe, Croatia and here in the UK, including Nottingham’s own – Stealth.

We catch up with DJ Pasquale (pictured in the banner) to find out a little bit more about the man behind the decks and what to expect from NORBIZA.

So Pasquale, when did you start DJing – and what or who were your early passions and influences?

I began in 1999. The first records I bought were, Tori Amos – ‘Professional Widow’ (Armand Van Helden Mix) i’ve since discovered it is also a favourite of Georgie Starkey’s, so it will definitely be played at NORBIZA this year and Byron Stingily – ‘Get Up Everybody’

My first stand out Influence was visiting the Space Terrace in Ibiza (The original open terrace) and seeing Carl Cox play for 6 hours. Also Basement Jaxx – ‘Rendez Vous’ & ‘Jump & Shout’ being stand out moments


What do you personally consider to be the key moments in your artistic career ?

Playing at Passion at the Emporium. Playing on the Amnesia Terrace. Starting my own events (Shivoo / DBE) and bringing DJs and live acts to Leicester & Loughborough that had never been before.

Also Playing at Stealth in Nottingham. I see this club as an important part of my electronic music growth. Playing there on numerous occasions has been a dream come true.


How do you engage your audience when DJing ?

Music and the odd silly dance move. Feel free to join in!


What do you usually start with when preparing for a set?

Brand new music, but in this case, I’ll be trawling over those memories and my vinyl collection. I might even have a gander through my very old hard-drive. I’m sure there’s some gems on that.


Is there a song or set that never gets old for you? 

Basement Jaxx – Jump & Shout and Joe Smooth – Promised Land. There’s loads, but all have to be played at the correct time.


Explain how you are preparing for the NORBIZA set? 

I went to Ibiza after a few years off, earlier this year. It’s a special place and by the time I play at NORBIZA, I’ll be married and will have just come back from a return trip with my wife! Twice in 3 months… That’s really how special it is. I’ll prepare by going through old records and my full collection. I’m sure Sleazy & I will be having a few evenings together drinking Rum and also playing records to each other to see what we can play and what goes well together.


Tell us 5 songs you plan to play at Norbiza and why you think they will get people on the floor?

Oh well that would be telling. Think Shapeshifters, David Morales, Stardust, Modjo…


Where do you see dance music heading in the next year?

Dance music is the strongest I’ve seen it. When this commercial success subsides, it’ll be exactly where it’s always been, in the clubs till 6am and ALWAYS evolving. That’s what makes it so exciting. It’s evolution.


Tell us about your favourite festival gig and why it was so good? 

Hideout Festival in Croatia has been a really special experience. I’ve been playing for 6 years now and it brings up new experiences every time. The new Ibiza some are saying…. All I’m saying is, it’s a beautiful country and this area in particular, Zrce Beach, has some really special venues.



If reading this is bringing back some memories for you, feel free share them in the comments below. Better still why not book your tickets for NORBIZA via TicketSource now – 8th Sept 2017. 

NORBIZA is set to be a night of intoxicating house and glamour.

Tickets only available in advance and include: Welcome drink, canapes, 3 DJs, dancing in the luxury setting of Norwood Park until 2am – a historic venue only available for exclusive use and private parties. 


Norbiza Ibiza in Southwell one night only


Tickets are priced at only £35 and all ticket holder purchasing tickets before 15th August 2017 will be entered into a prize draw to WIN 3 bottles of Champagne to be drank on the night!!! 






How to be a responsible dog owner – and not see it as a chore!

How to be a responsible dog owner – and not see it as a chore!

We have had a number of heated discussions on our social media over the last couple of years about responsible dog ownership… so we are very pleased to introduce our newest guest writer – Emily Birch, an expert in this field.


Over the next few months, I shall be writing a number of articles for the dog owners among you about, well, dogs. You may have seen that last year Brackenhurst partnered up with The Kennel Club to help create a place for dogs and owners from all walks of life. We do have a website (www.ntucaninecentre.org) and a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ntucaninecentre) so do follow us if you’re interested in knowing more about what we are doing. In this article I’m going to discuss how you can be a responsible dog owner and love doing it (sometimes it may feel like all we do is get nagged!).

So first let us imagine two scenarios…


Scenario One

There are two lovely owners on a walk with their own dog. One owner has a nervous dog, the other a very friendly dog. The two owners meet along a footpath and it goes something like this. Nervous dog owner holds their dog’s collar and tries to get it out of the way. Friendly dog owner tries to call their dog back but it’s seen a potential new friend and is off. Nervous dog owner panics and tries to move their dog out of the way more. Friendly dog rushes up to say hi, nervous dog has no way to escape and so snaps aggressively at the friendly dog. Friendly dog leaves and both owners carry on their walk. Fast-forward 6 months of this sort of situation. Nervous dog will now actively bite dogs who come and say hi and they will defend their space aggressively. Friendly dog is now conflicted about meeting dogs (wants to say hi but doesn’t want to get told off) so becomes frustrated and stressed and ultimately aggressive. Both owners are now scared to let their dogs off the lead. This becomes a vicious circle.


Scenario Two

There are two lovely owners on a walk with their own dog. One owner has a nervous dog, the other a very friendly dog. The two owners meet along a footpath and it goes something like this. Nervous owner recalls their dog, pops them on a lead and asks them to sit. They have moved off the pathway to increase the space that their dog has. Friendly dog owner recalls their dog and gives them a brilliant reward for coming back. Both walk past calmly and owners say hello (and possibly even chat), whilst both feeding their dogs treats for paying attention to them. Fast-forward 6 months. Nervous dog doesn’t worry at all about other dogs on a walk as they know their owner helps them find space and listens to them. Friendly dog owner has a friendly dog who loves saying hi but knows how to do so appropriately and only when suitable. In this situation, both owners could start walking together having created situations where dogs don’t feel the need to show aggression.


Out of these two scenarios which would you prefer? I’m pretty sure its scenario two… but the question is how to we get to that point? Well below are a few pointers to start with.

  • Teach your dog a reliable recall – it leads to a great amount of trust between you and your dog and ultimately more freedom for both of you. We do run specific recall workshops over the year (like our Facebook page to keep updated) that teaches your dog lots of games to create a brilliant recall. However, the main aim is to make sure you’re more fun than whatever else it is they like to do. Be exciting and fun and run off in the opposite direction whilst calling – when they catch you having a big game of tug of war or some great high value treats, then let them go off again.
  • Teach your dog you’ll look after them – if you listen to their whispers they won’t need to shout. Give them a choice about who/what they interact with and space when they don’t want too. If they tell you politely they don’t want to say hi, listen to them move out the way with them. It means they never need to climb up the ladder of aggression. If you are interested in understanding what your dog is trying to tell you, we hold canine communication seminars that teach you what those subtle signals are.
  • Take treats or a toy with you – it’s not about bribing them, it’s about paying them for their actions. If an action has a positive consequence, they are more likely to do it again. If it has a negative one, they are less likely to repeat the action. When you’re angry and can’t get your dog back think about what your dog sees… Currently, they are having fun sniffing things and running around, why would they return to an angry, shouting human?
  • Lead by example – the dog owning public can, at times, come under bad press due to some not so responsible dog owners. Rather than worrying about things we can’t control (because we can’t control how other people behave) instead let’s lead by example. If you see some people coming and you know your dog is friendly, call them back, pop them on a lead and walk past, rewarding your dog for ignoring the walkers. Pick up after your dog – every time someone walks in dog poo, every dog owner is tarred with the same brush. And please don’t be tempted to sling said poo bag into a bush! If we lead by example, these behaviours become the normal thing to do and others will start to follow suit.

We would love to know – What do you think makes a responsible dog owner ?- share in the comments below

For more tips to help with dog training, follow our Facebook page where every Monday we give a new tip for dog owners. If you would like to know more about the canine developments at Brackenhurst, book on to a course, or indeed come along to one of social walks, have a look at our website (www.ntucaninecentre.org) or email Emily (emily.birch@ntu.ac.uk).

We look forward to meeting you and of course your dog(s)!

Emily Birch

Emily Birch

Clinical Animal Behaviourist

Emily and the team at ntucanine offer a number of training workshops and events throughout the year.

For more info visit : www.ntucaninecentre.org
FB : www.facebook.com/ntucaninecentre
Email Emilyemily.birch@ntu.ac.uk