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Southwell Scoop is an interactive website designed to enhance the community Spirit and business activity of Southwell and the wider Area.

People of Southwell we urge you to use this site as often as possible. The more often you visit this site, take up special offers, enter the competitions, interact and respond to any blog posts it will help put The Southwell Scoop higher up on Google. This (we hope) will in turn bring more money to the area thus help stimulate and grow the local economy. Plus, it’s a great place to come to find up local news, voice your opinions and sculpt your environment.


One of the greatest thing s about the Southwell Scoop is the love of all the little boutiques and various little nooks and cranny for folk to explore, we want to get Southwell better known for this and we hope that you can help.

We work with many different businesses, both on and off the high street, and are always on a quest to bring you new and quirky products or services that you may not have known. So if you are coming into Southwell to pick up your bits and bobs,  or want to know whats happening in the community or what’s on or even contribute, please give the Southwell Scoop a visit and keep your window on Southwell open wide and crystal clear.

The Scoop team always on the lookout for passionate people, those who wish to engage their community and make life more pleasant for people around them. If that’s you and you enjoy writing, meeting people, learning new things and have a passion for your area then dont hesitate to get in touch and we will try our best to get you involved.

Thank you for reading :)

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A River Of Southwell Community Spirit.

It appears that the council are not responsible for clearing the rivers that have caused £100,000’s of pounds worth of damage, ruined many sentimental possessions and destroyed several businesses. Oh dear! Thank goodness for community spirit The river that runs...

This is Southwell

What happens when a potential tourist Googles Southwell? Well, what happens is the tourist is greeted with this, which isn’t the best  for business: You may think it’s unimportant what appears on the first page of Google when someone searches for it, I...