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Via our blog we bring different perspectives of events, businesses and life in general from within the Southwell Area in the form of videos, imagery and articles.  We are always looking for guest bloggers to help put the area on the map.




We are here to help connect you to eachother – near or far. Your common ground is the Southwell and surrounding areas. So click around the site – join us on social media @southwellscoop and let’s help you find what you are looking for. If you want everyone to know about you and be talking about you –  then get in touch and we will feature you on our blog, social media and Live stream channels.

Our website is blog based – we actively encourage all businesses and locals to have a go at writing, photographing or videoing and submitting a blog post. Blogging gains attention, reaches out to new audiences. Blog posts show up in Google searches and posts remain on our site for future use for as long as we are here.

It’s not that scary – Write or record as though you are chatting to your friends about something you love or feel passionate about – Give Opinion, Information, Showcase expertise – most importantly BE YOURSELF.

We are happy to give some guidance and support and look forward to reading your posts soon.

The introduction of Periscope, Facebook Live, Snapchat, Instagram Live has fundamentally changed the face of social media and are transforming the way businesses network and reach their potential audiences.

It has never been easier for independent businesses – of any size, to interact with audiences and it is in a way that previously, was only available to big brands and big budgets.

Even though Live Streaming has been around for a long time and is already the draw to capture audiences for sporting and entertainment events worldwide – The difference for business owners is that the new platforms are easily accessible, affordable (in most cases free) and they focus on LIVE interaction between the viewer and you (the broadcaster) as well as each other. This interaction provides an opportunity for the real passion of individuals behind their businesses to shine through – their knowledge to be shared, instantly meeting the need of a potential customer – it helps to humanize a brand and naturally creates a more authentic and credible communication.

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Easy Shortbread Recipe for Preschoolers

Baking with your preschooler is so rewarding for all involved and can help them to be less picky with food. The key is to start simply with something they are guaranteed to enjoy and to forget perfection, it can get messy and it may not look anything like the picture... read more

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