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The Southwell Scoop was created by 3 people with local connections – They are also bloggers – regularly writing for the website and inviting local and national guest Bloggers to feature too. View more details on The Scoop Blogging Team here

The Southwell Scoop is an online ‘Window into Southwell & the Surrounding Villages’ . We are supporting businesses and connecting them to residents/ media / regional networks in order to help increase their reach and exposure. As well as providing a platform for discussion and engagement in real time.

Via social media and blogging we are attracting attention to the area and enabling people from all perspectives to benefit from our marketing & PR activities

Our collaborative – ‘real time’ approach includes locals, visitors, independent businesses – larger business networks and the tourist industry – providing new promotional ideas & opportunities for all.

Our website is blog based – we actively encourage all businesses and locals to have a go at writing and submitting a blog post. Blogging gains attention, reaches out to new audiences. Blog posts show up in Google searches and posts remain on our site for future use for as long as we are here.

It’s not that scary – Write as though you are chatting to your friends about something you love or feel passionate about – Give Opinion, Information, Showcase expertise – most importantly BE YOURSELF.

We are happy to give some guidance and support and look forward to reading your posts soon.

Featured Blog

Osteopathy’s role in Pregnancy

Pregnant? – suffering from back and pelvic pain? There may be a solution – local Southwell Osteopathy explain more.  Back or pelvic pain during pregnancy is so common, that some obstetricians even consider it normal. Thankfully, James and I (Graham) at... read more

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